Mac Mini Late 2012 Windows 10 Drivers – Download

Downloads for Mac Mini Late 2012 Windows 10 Drivers

By default Windows 10 will have the majority of the drivers out the box that are required to get Windows 10 fully running on the Mac Mini Late 2012, however you will find some drivers are missing, or simply do now work correctly.

To get Windows 10 working correctly on a Mac Mini Late 2012 model you will need to download the following drivers

For all the drivers above click the link to download the driver, then unzip them.

The Audio and Wireless drivers are just .exe’s you can install, the Bluetooth and HDMI display audio drivers need to be installed through device manager, to open device manager click the start button and type “Device Manager”.

For the Bluetooth and HDMI Audio drivers, simply right click on the device in device manager and select update driver, then browse to the driver you downloaded and unzipped.

After installing the four drivers above your Mac Mini 2012 should have drivers for everything on Windows 10:

Mac Mini 2012 Windows 10 Drivers

Matt Hill

Matt Hill is in his mid 20′s and has a passion for technology. Matt studied Computer and Network Administration at University and currently works as an IT Administrator for a company based in his home town.


  1. Fernando   •  


  2. tin   •  

    great. thanks. made my bluetooth work again.

  3. Aaron   •  

    What a guy! Thanks Matt – Got me back up and running!

  4. stuart   •  

    You saved my sanity!

  5. Andrew Pawelski   •  

    cant get hdmi audio working – no device shows up

    • Rodrigo   •  

      Me too, how do fix that?

  6. Mike   •  

    Wow, you are an absolute savior. Cheers from Canada, eh!

  7. paul   •  

    Ok, I spent 90 minutes on the phone with Microsoft following a bootcamp install of Win 10 on 2012 late model Mac mini. All is good except I cannot get the audio to play (while in Win 10) through HDMI cable. Works fine in Mac OS Mojave and sound plays through mini’s internal speaker in Win 10. Where in device manager do I find the HDMI to install the driver?

  8. Diego   •  

    Excelente trabalho!
    Obrigado desde o sul do Brasil

  9. Marlon   •  


  10. zahidq   •  

    i really appreciated for those drivers

  11. Nick Phillips   •  

    Thank you so, so much. I was tearing my hair out (Or I would Have been, if I had any!)
    trying to get wireless to work on my 2012 Mac Mini. You are indeed a Saviour of the Universe.
    Thank goodness for wonderful people like you. You came up trumps where Apple Corp FAILED!

    Very best regards,

    J Nick Phillips
    High Wycombe, Bucks.

  12. Tarcisio   •  


  13. Nic   •  

    love it

  14. al   •  

    Merci beaucoup, thanks a lot

  15. Andrew   •  

    Legend! Thanks for the Cirrus audio CS4206 drivers.

  16. Alexander   •  

    Thank you

  17. Sławek   •  

    Thank you so, so much !

  18. PetrH   •  

    Very, very thank you. Cheers from Prague!

  19. pkc   •  

    Can you provide checksums or references to where these drivers and executables came from? I do not have a working apple OS so bootcamp is not an option. The simple steps you have provided sound too good to be true!

  20. Jaison   •  


  21. Ken   •  

    Thanks, Matt! The primary drive on my 2012 Mac mini finally died, I installed a SSD that had previously been in a PC and lo and behold up came Windows 10! These drivers were the only ones missing, I now have a fully functioning PC! You’re the best! Ken

  22. Ron   •  

    Thank you! 5 years later and still needing these drivers.

  23. Agapito   •  

    Thanks a lot

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