First unofficial memory card for Xbox 360

Datel have announced an unofficial memory card for the Xbox 360, this memory card is 4gb in size, i think it would be perfect for me. I could have all my saves on the memory card along with any DLC / Arcade games, making it easy to move my content between various Xbox 360 consoles. My 64mb memory card at the moment is full with just a couple of profiles on at (almost 10mb each!)

Datel Max Memory 4gb

Maybe Datel have found a way to allow any size Sata hard drive to be used in the Xbox 360 too.. we can hope! I plan to purchase one when its out in the UK!

Inside the Xbox 360, the inner workings

Indie the Xbox 360 is quite compact, this afternoon I decided to clean my 360 out as it sounds like a jumbo jet, even after giving it a good clean it still sounded horrible. I then realised it was the fans on the back, I guess the bearings in them have gone as when I powered the 360 on and stopped the fans from spinning it was practically silent.

I’ve been looking in to replacing the fans and came across some pretty nice custom cases for the 360 – XCM 360 Crystal case

I’m thinking about maybe getting a custom case and a replacement fan at some point if I can get them for a good price, the cases appear to be £40+ which is almost half the cost of a new 360 these days. ..

I’ve attached some pics of the insides of the 360, all you need to open it is a paper clip, screwdriver and a bit of time. I was on a bit of a go slow, it took me 15 mins to open it and less than 5 mins to put it back together.


Fix DVR-MS playback in XBMC

In the Xbox Version of Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) DVR-MS playback worked perfectly in the builds compiled around May 2007, however after that I’m guessing the mplayer.dll was updated. In later XBMC builds when fast forwarding or skipping through a video it just skipped to the end of the video.

DVR-MS playback is a nice addition in XBMC for myself as i can playback TV recorded on my PC with Windows Media Center.

Luckily this can easily be fixed by replacing the mplayer.dll in XBMC/system/players/mplayer/ with the one included in this post.

That’s it, the fix is as simple as that, I can confirm this works perfect on the XBMC for XBOX 8.10 codenamed Atlantis build (T3CH XBMC 2008-11-13 8.10 PROPER)

If you want to help try get this fixed in future builds reply to my topic on the XBMC Forums and to this bug report here, hopefully one of the developers will take note and working DVR-MS playback can be implemented in later builds.

The working mplayer.dll can be downloaded from Digiex.