The speed that I work at

The speed at work at caries massively i have noticed during my time at University, in less than 24 hours i’ve managed to type 2903 words, do a loads of screen shots and even go though and check the document ive been working on.

For me thats great, in other assignments at University where ive had to write 3000 words i must have spent well over a month researching, struggling to understand what i’m supposed to be doing, deleting stuff ive done or simply just re wording half of it and generally feel like ive wasted a lot of time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to work at that speed all the time? that would mean the majority of essays ive had this year would be out the way in less than a week, leaving months to work on my final year peoject.

Maybe im just a slow worker? the majority of the time i just find it hard to work at a decent speed.

Then again if i look at tutorials I have done for Digiex like the: How to hack a 250gb sata drive to work in the 360 tutorial i have typed 1400+ words, taken many screenshots and made the post presentable in less than an hour. Going at that rate I could produce an essay worth 50% of a module at University in 2 hours… but yet it takes me weeks!

I guess that just shows when i understand something i can go for it, and break it down in to steps for others to understand with ease! Just a random thought i guess, however the main thing is i get there with University assignments.

Cadburys Creme Egg Ice Cream

Cadburys Creme Egg Ice Cream

I want to buy some Cadburys Creme Egg Ice Cream! i just love Cadburys Creme Egg’s… some that and Ice Cream sounds like a perfect mix to me! I have however never seen any on sale here in the UK.

Did you know that Creme Eggs are the best-selling confectionery item between New Year’s Day and Easter in the UK? with annual sales in excess of 200 million and a brand value of approximately £50 million! It’s always interesting all the random facts you can learn from a quick search on Google. It also appears that Cream Eggs are larger in the UK than in the USA.

Well that is all, just putting it out there that I would love some, so please keep your eyes pealed! Thanks 🙂

Digiex Merchandise, my mug and t-shirt

Digiex Merchandise now exists, I have a Digiex Mug and a Digiex Tshirt to prove it! I figured as i’ve not done a blog post for a long time, this would be the perfect opportunity to share a photo of the Digiex Mug and T-shirt i got this Christmas from Curlysteve and Nimrod.

I believe they were created on Cafepress, which is something we might have to look in to doing a Digiex store on.

Nothing like a good cup of tea in the Digiex mug when i wake up on a morning!