Wisdom Teeth

My Wisdom Teeth have slowly been growing for a couple of years now, I really do wish they would hurry up and finish… they appear to grow a bit, then do nothing for 6-8 months then grow a bit more. Usually they don’t bother me much at all when they grow, a slight discomfort but nothing more.

However these last few days it feels like a bomb has gone off in the back of my mouth, one minute my mouth will be fine then the next it will feel like someone is trying to drill in to my mouth for hours at a time.

Not great at all, Ive not been able to concentrate on much and have found it really hard to stay asleep without waking up every hour.

I never really understood how a tooth growing could cause so much pain, but now I really do understand. Anyway rant over! I hear the pain of them growing is nothing compared to having them taken out, so ill be quiet and hope it never comes to that!

Talking of removing Wisdom Teeth, thats something you probably should not Google when there giving you pain…

I posted this post two years ago now, looking back now (September 2012) nothing much has changed, they still havnt totally grown, however have never been as painful as when i posted this blog post back in 2010.

Portal for Windows & Mac users on Steam until May 24, 2010

In celebrating the launch of Steam for Mac today, Valve Software has put out an enticing promotional campaign differing from their usual free weekends for content pack updates to their other games, such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead. This time, they will offer Portal for free, for everyone to keep forever, as long as they respond by May 24. Both Windows and Mac OS X gamers can once again play the much loved puzzle shooter of 2007’s The Orange Box that has won nearly 70 Game of the Year awards.

Portal is a first person puzzle shooter that allows players to control a “portal gun,” more appropriately named the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. The players are “lab rats” guided by a mysterious voice known as GLaDOS who seemingly offers helpful advice to the player, but ultimately exposes much sinister motives as the game progresses. Players create “portals” that are used to transport themselves or any objects from one point to another, as they work through the Aperture Science facilities to solve puzzles. The game’s official trailer gives a nice quick overview of the game’s mechanics:

To get the game, simply download a copy of Steam if you haven’t already, and visit the landing page on Steam.

Domain squatters – how i beat them and got a domain for $8.81

Beating domain squatters can be a problem, as i found out around 2 months ago. i decided I wanted my own domain, to use for email and not the @hotmail.com address I had used for years.

I decided mattyonline was a good domain main, as it was my nickname with online at the end of it, so could be used for all things i did online. The problem was the .com of mattyonline.com was taken by someone who was just using it to display a page full of adverts, so I thought oh well and registered the mattyonline.net instead as it was free.

Anyway fast forward to today and an email arrives in my junk mail from [email protected] which said:


We thought that you definitely need to know that right now the .com version of your domain is secured by Easy domain Recovery and is available for purchase at our page.

What we do is take different measures to help you promote your brand on the Internet. Little things’ effectiveness can compare to securing .com to a domain with any other extension. Everyone knows .com, a lot of users will intuitively seek you at .com extension so don’t give a chance to anyone else to use that advantage of yours.

There are third parties who may be interested in your domain. Many people out there reserve .coms to existing sites and domains in order to make profit of ’em. We may sell the domain to any of these persons and businesses but this is you who decides whether or not we do so. Please choose one of the following:

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Let it go (unsubscribe).

I thought to myself i bet he has registered the domain and wants £100’s for it, so i checked the website he had linked to and it turns out he wanted $100 for the domain.

I never would have paid $100 for it as i refuse to help people make a living from buying random domains to sell on at insane prices. I then did i whois on namecheap.com to see when he registered the domain, it turned out the domain wasn’t registered to anyone so i instantly clicked buy and now own the domain I origionally wanted for $8.81!!

Looking on Domain History Tools it appears the the domain had previously been registered for the last 10 years, with that in mind I think i was quite lucky to get it for $8.81!

You could say the moral of the story is that it pays to check your junk email every so often!