Restore The Old Google Chrome Tab Layout UI

Google Chrome version 69 changed the tab UI quite significantly. Personally I’m not a fan of this new user interface change, however it’s easy enough to revert to the out layout / style if you wish to.

The old layout on Chrome version 68

The new default layout on Chrome 69

To restore the old Google Chrome Tab Layout UI simply type the following in your address bar: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md

This should bring up the following options:

Simply click on Default and change it to Normal:

When you re-start Google Chrome you will have the old Tab Layout UI and still be on the latest version of Chrome:

Simple! – some UI choices are never a bad thing in my opinion, hopefully this continues to work on later versions of Google Chrome.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill is in his mid 20′s and has a passion for technology. Matt studied Computer and Network Administration at University and currently works as an IT Administrator for a company based in his home town.

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