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My Wisdom Teeth have slowly been growing for a couple of years now, I really do wish they would hurry up and finish… they appear to grow a bit, then do nothing for 6-8 months then grow a bit more. Usually they don’t bother me much at all when they grow, a slight discomfort but nothing more.

However these last few days it feels like a bomb has gone off in the back of my mouth, one minute my mouth will be fine then the next it will feel like someone is trying to drill in to my mouth for hours at a time.

Not great at all, Ive not been able to concentrate on much and have found it really hard to stay asleep without waking up every hour.

I never really understood how a tooth growing could cause so much pain, but now I really do understand. Anyway rant over! I hear the pain of them growing is nothing compared to having them taken out, so ill be quiet and hope it never comes to that!

Talking of removing Wisdom Teeth, thats something you probably should not Google when there giving you pain…

I posted this post two years ago now, looking back now (September 2012) nothing much has changed, they still havnt totally grown, however have never been as painful as when i posted this blog post back in 2010.

Matt Hill

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  1. KillerWhiteMan   •  

    I know what you mean! Mine have been coming now and again, thankfully not with much pain. I’m hoping I won’t have to get them taken out, but I don’t hold much hope for that. Right now I would prefer they come in completely, and then have them pulled out if need be, rather than have them surgically removed.

    Having them removed isn’t so bad, I just don’t really like the idea of being put under anesthesia in order for them to take wisdom teeth out. I’ve never been put under like that, and I am in no hurry to do so. Hope things work out for the best sir.

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