EU VS Microsoft, Has it gone too far?

The EU VS Microsoft has been in the news a lot latley, as some of you might have read Europe has had versions of Windows since XP that have features removed such as Windows Media Player because the EU consider it a violation of European antitrust law.

Microsoft originally wanted to call the version of XP Windows XP: Reduced Media Edition however it ended up been called Windows XP N Edition, the same with Vista we have Vista Home Premium and Business “N” Editions which basically just have Media Player stripped out.

Until now it’s not really bothered me as the normal editions of Windows the rest of the world get have always been on sale over here and no one has really bothered with the “N” versions of Windows anyway.

However if you read the CNET article published yesterday it appears we are only going to get reduced versions of Windows, either with Media Player and Internet Explorer ripped out or just Internet Explorer ripped out.

I’m sure some people will be quite happy about this, however I think shipping an OS without a web browser in this day and age is just stupid, say you didn’t have Google Chrome / IE or Firefox saved away some where you have a bit of a problem… although I’m sure you could easily obtain a web browser your average computer user most likely thinks the web browser is the internet and wouldn’t have a clue how to go about getting online.

The thing that concerns me is what component in Windows is going to be the next problem

Windows Defender
Windows Media Centre
Windows Firewall
Remote Desktop

You could argue all of the above shouldn’t be included with Windows for the same reasons Media Player and IE have got removed. A lot of alternatives to the above list exist.

Although it appears Microsoft made its own decision to avoid been forced to bundle other browsers with windows, what are the EU going to have problems with next?

I can see a Windows Reduced Functionality Edition with everything but the essentials been removed one day. All it takes is a company like Arcsoft to complain about how Windows Media Centre now its included with all versions of Windows apart from the starter edition and we could have yet another version of Windows.

Should Microsoft be allowed to include whatever they want with the OS? It appears it ok for Apple to include Safari and iTunes with OSX however people have a problem when Microsoft include there media player and web browser.