Fix Google Play [RPC:S-5:AEC-0] error retrieving information from server error

The RPC:S-5:AEC-0 Google Play Store Error

The Google Play / Android Market error retrieving information from server RPC:S-5:AEC-0 error message can be a bit of a pain, the RPC:S-5:AEC-0 error just randomly appeared on my tablet after it upgraded to a newer version of Android. However this is how i managed to fix the RPC:S-5:AEC-0 error with ease.

  1. Load the Settings app, click apps, then select “All”
  2. Next in the all apps view find the “Google Play Store” and click on itGoogle Play RPCS-5AEC-0 Error Fix Step 1
  3. Now click “Clear Cache” (Not Data), then Force Stop.Google Play RPCS-5AEC-0 Error Fix Step 2
  4. Next in the same app list find “Google Service Framework”
  5. Click clear data (Not Cache), then Force StopGoogle Play RPCS-5AEC-0 Error Fix Step 3
  6. Switch off the phone or tablet and turn it back on
  7. You should be able to download and update apps from the Google Play store once more.

Google Play RPCS-5AEC-0 Error Fix Step 4

Enjoy no more RPC:S-5:AEC-0 errors when downloading or updating apps.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill is in his mid 20′s and has a passion for technology. Matt studied Computer and Network Administration at University and currently works as an IT Administrator for a company based in his home town.


  1. TheWierd   •  

    This did not work on my SGS3, 4.2.2

    • dinda   •  

      Me too, didnt work. Please help!

      • saiful333   •  

        This did the trick for me

        Go to settings/app.manager/all

        Delete data + cache :

        Google Play Store
        Google Play-services
        Google Services Framework
        Market-feedback agent (important)

        Then delete google-account(data/system/user/0/ fine the accounts.db file and cut and paste it somewhere else)
        Restart the phone and then re-add google-account( paste your accounts.db file earlier to it’s original location).

        p/s~Your device need to be rooted to remove/delete google account without a factory reset.

        • Nock   •  

          this only the best solution
          very nice job
          works great !
          thanks thanks thanks

        • Mattgic   •  

          ThankYou saiful333 this is the FIX for not being able to connect to google server !! C Rom 7.1

        • Saseals   •  

          Worked, so great, thanks a lot!

        • Xale-Crest   •  

          Wow…. after 4 hrs of looking for the best solution to my problem on error retrieve info, this is the only technique that works…. thanks a lot…

        • WT19 SONY USER   •  

          THANKS ALSO SAVE ME!!!! this the answer not the post him self

    • Bri   •  

      Worked for me on a Cambridge Sciences Star pad 7se. Thank you the tablet was saved from being trashed

  2. sylvain   •  

    Works Great!
    i have been working on this issue for the lasr two hours. This is the first tech L2 answer I found and knew it would work

  3. John Jaballas   •  

    It did not work

  4. John   •  

    Works great on my HTC One X with Android 4.1.1, thanks!

  5. Sandra   •  

    Thank you works well

  6. Markuss   •  

    Doesont work and I just got this thing Arnova 10d G3 android 4.0

    • lytton   •  

      This so not working for me, come on guys
      help me out here. More options please.

    • tania   •  

      i’ve just got it too and i pissed off because i get an error message everytime i try to download an app or a game i try to fix it and i think imade it even worst.did you fix it?

  7. sarah   •  

    worked for me 🙂

  8. Mei Li   •  

    thank u guys!!!! it worked for me….yeah! more power!

  9. epad   •  

    Thanks work great in my china tablet pc.

  10. DAVID   •  

    Didn’t work on my Nexus 7, still puzzled but thanks anyway.

  11. cathy   •  

    It worked on my xtouch x718. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Fed   •  

    Thanks a lot! it worked! I’m a happy customer again 🙂

  13. Peter   •  

    For those who don’t find this working, try this solution – worked for many others who found it on another thread, and worked for me also:

    Settings|Accounts|Google – REMOVE your existing account (yes, I know it’s scary, but it’s ok, honestly)

    Settings}Add account|Google -re-add the same account

    THEN Play store will behave again.

    You may need to restore sync etc. settings due to the account removal and reinstatement, but not a big issue – you’ll be prompted if and when that’s needed.

    • MacJanet   •  

      Thank you so very much. 🙂

    • Shadyguy   •  

      Worked like a champ! Thanks for posting.

    • Romain   •  

      Worked for me too – don’t try the other method, just use that one!

    • simon   •  

      thanks peter you are a star*

    • Scottyb112   •  

      The first meathod did not work for me, but yours did. Thanks! Verizon Galaxy S3 4.1.2

    • Colin E   •  

      Thanks worked very well on my Samsung GalaxyS3

    • Chris C   •  

      This worked for me, thankyou so much I have been a few weeks without my updates. Problem solved:))

    • Bryski   •  

      ur fix worked a treat for me CHEERS mate ur the dogs nuts

    • Angela   •  

      Worked great & immediately! Thanks Peter.

    • Gary   •  

      Yay… thanks Peter 🙂

    • sanket   •  

      Thanks peter that really worked.

    • Tori   •  

      I’ve been battling this problem for months. On a Cruxstar Android (you get what you pay for, right?).

      I’ve tried both solutions (clearing cache and deleting account) – with no success.

      Then I tried them BOTH together. Clear cache, reboot, clear data, reboot, delete account – power off and leave off for 5 minutes.
      Then I re-added my gmail account ALONG WITH my credit card info (I hadn’t done that the other times). THEN it worked and I was able to download several programs.

      One catch, tho. I had to delete and re-activate the account again this morning, but that’s okay – cause I already have all the apps I need.

      Thank you to all those who have gone before and tackled these problems. Hugs all around.

    • Dom   •  

      Absolutely fantastic works like a charm now

    • chetan   •  

      Thanks peter your solution helped me… Now it’s perfectly working thanks a lot

    • danko   •  

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    • rosaire   •  

      Thank you very much peter your the man…..

    • gillbates   •  

      Also if you have 2 accounts in your phone – check to make sure that google play is logged on to the right account after you delete and restore your account

    • Svavar   •  

      Removing and re-adding my Google account worked on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I didn’t lose any of my data.

    • jacoby   •  

      Thanks peter youre awesome, its work for my galaxy S4, once again thank you so much

    • sri   •  

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      • Mick Sealey   •  

        PS that was on my G/N 2

    • Keighlagh   •  

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    • Bosha   •  

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    • Scott   •  

      Thanks Peter. Worked like charm. Nexus 10

    • Andiz   •  

      Thank you Peter! Thank you for the great help!

    • Jacqui   •  

      This fixed it!! Thanks heaps 🙂

    • Paulo André, Vilhena, Rondonia, Floresta Amazonica, Brasil.   •  

      Esse procedimento foi o unico que deu certo.
      parabéns e muito obrigado.


      This procedure was the one that worked.
      Congratulations and thank you.

    • Andy   •  

      This worked an absolute charm on my HTC one, people save yourself an unreal amount of nuisance and just follow this one.

    • Joseph benz   •  

      worked like a charm…thx mr. awesome peter!!!

    • Nam Tran   •  

      Thanks so much!!!

    • fonta   •  

      It didn’t work for sad 🙁

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      Thank you very very much
      This works belive

    • WalkByFaith \O/♥   •  

      Thank you Peter! Tried a couple of other suggestions that didn’t work but had success with yours! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! =)

  14. Chola   •  

    it works…. thnx a lot….

    • Gcaver2   •  

      After trying numerous suggestions over 2 days I finally tried this and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much for posting this tip. I will forever be grateful.

  15. Leachface   •  

    Worked wonders for my 7″ android tablet 0.4.0

  16. Shakeel Ahmed Baig   •  

    Thanx ! Really it works

  17. Nick   •  

    These steps work for phone and tablets – any build

    Tap on Play Store
    Tap on Clear Data and Tap Ok
    Tap on Uninstall Updates and Tap Ok

    Tap on Donwload Manager
    Tap on Clear Data and Tap Ok

    Tap on Google Services Framework
    Tap on Clear Data and Tap Ok
    Tap on Uninstall Updates and Tap Ok

    Turn on Airplane Mode (wait 10 seconds) and then turn Airplane Mode off

    Drop to main app screen and open Talk
    Tap on settings and sign out
    Open Talk again and sign back in

    Then Reboot the phone/tablet (turn off and on)
    Then open Market/Play Store app to download apps

    • Michelle   •  

      Thank you!! This is the only one that worked for me.

    • Lorraine   •  

      Thank you nick this one worked for me a treat I know have 2 very happy boys 🙂

    • giannis   •  

      Realy its only that worked-congratulations

  18. R Martin   •  

    worked for me Thanks a million!

  19. R Martin   •  

    worked for me A million of thanks 🙂

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    Works perfectly.

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  24. Neil   •  

    Been trying all morning nearly 4hrs to get this onto my cheap mid tablet and thanks to you i’ve done it many thanks saves me buying another Kindle.

  25. Aslam   •  

    Works fine after following the above steps, Thanks a ton.

  26. Ahad Hamirani   •  

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  32. vanessa   •  

    been trying this for hours with error 912. googled it and thought id sorted it then got the new google play arrive with the facebook one. and then it did that stupid long error. i am really grateful for your help as i would never have been able to do it. i have a happy daughter with 50% of her temple run downloaded already. thank you very much.

  33. Vinay Kumar Parasaram   •  

    After Putting all my efforts on this Error in my Tab
    Finally i executed error with help of Matts Blog
    really i am so thankful to escape from some scoldings from family

    Thank You Matt

  34. Salvatore   •  

    Thanks, it works!

  35. Philip   •  

    Thank you, worked great.

  36. CadeyCo   •  

    Neither way worked for my Galaxy Note.
    Looks like a factory reset or rooting are my options

  37. Caesar   •  

    Great work. It worked perfectly on my Tecno T7 phone just as u described it. Thanks man, I appreciate this.

  38. Synchronized   •  

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  40. Oswaldo   •  

    This did not work on my SG Note, N-7000 4.1.2

  41. Anirudh Bhat   •  

    Worked on my GS3
    Thanx a lot

    but i want to why this error occured

  42. George   •  

    Worked for me. Cyanogenmod 10.1 on Sony Xperia Z.

  43. Flame   •  

    Fixed the problem thanks

  44. sajan   •  

    This method is not working

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    I have a Motorola Bionic, Android 4.1.2 and it worked for me.

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    U r a genius!!! thnks a lot!!

  52. Wanda   •  

    I’ve tried all of the above methods and my Galaxy Note II still does not update. Any other suggestions?

  53. Wanda   •  

    Addition to previous post, only those apps listed under “Updates” receive the error, those listed under “Manual Updates” update fine.

  54. Vinh   •  

    It works for my skyp 840s, androi 4.0.4. thanks

  55. murti   •  

    Yes…it work. Need more time waiting after reboot. Thank you

  56. Ryan   •  

    Thanks! worked like a charm

  57. SiY   •  

    I tried this, and a couple of alternative ideas I found on various forums (including removing and re-adding my Google account from the phone, and temporarily setting up a new account in Google Play). What worked for for me: I went to Google Play on my PC and pushed an update of one of my apps to my phone. After this, I was able to access Google Play Store from my phone again.

    • waqas   •  

      how did you do it???

  58. aven   •  

    thanks a lot man,it really solved my problem^^

  59. Linda   •  

    I have Galaxy S2 only thing that worked for me was removing my Google account and then re adding it 🙂

  60. Fhinn   •  

    Thanks! Worked Perfectly.

  61. johnny   •  

    the above mentioned steps worked for SAMSUNG GT-P7500

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    Thank you !!!!!! it workeds.

  64. Hadi   •  

    go to setting and account.remove account is ready exsist and close to home menu and try againt google store. i have tried this to my xperia go jellybean

  65. Callum   •  

    worked for my Sony Xperia S. Thanks a bunch

  66. Tablet   •  

    Worked . yipeee ! thanxx matt hill 🙂

  67. Sunny   •  

    Man, this ain’t working for asphalt 7 on htc one x 4.1.1 , please help?! I tried the Peter method too, that also not working 🙁 … please help!

  68. Rachie   •  

    This was amazing!! I was on the phone with my mobile company and no one could figure it out! Thanks so much!

  69. Sunny   •  

    solution :

    Very easy trick! Hope this works for all….

    This is an example of Asphalt 7 update issue, so try the same on other apps as well …..

    1) Keep your Wi-Fi on in your Phone
    2) From (Pc/Mac) desktop browser go to…loftA7HM&hl=en (The main Asphalt 7 Google Play page, and make sure you Login on Pc with the Id you purchased it with)
    3) Click Installed (Yes Installed, not Install as the game is already there and needs to be updated right?! )
    4) Select the Device
    5) Click Install and you will see the additional files being downloaded automatically on your Phone!!!

    Enjoy!! Cheers!!

  70. dinu   •  

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  72. luke   •  

    PETER you are amazing thank you

  73. Nellibly   •  

    I thought this problem was just in my Rezound when I tried to update some apps. I tried all the fixes and finally just wiped the phone. The problem still is there. Then it occurred to me to check my two Samsung Galaxy tabs. Same problem on the Google Play website, all showing no apps in my account. This has to be a problem on their end, or specific to some accounts. I have emailed their support and will report back on what they say. In the meantime, has anyone else had this issue on multiple devices? If so how did you solve it (assuming you did)?

  74. zaza   •  

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    that’s why i thought you really deserve this big THANK YOU. omg!!! bless your life and bless your heart for helping us. muahz

  76. santo   •  

    Google Play is working now !! thanks

  77. leon0602   •  

    For those who have no solution and have the trouble “error while retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]” in all their devices. I think that wright to googleplay-support is the only solution. They solve my trouble in one hour :)))

  78. Henry G   •  

    Unfortunateley, it didn’t work for me.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 -,

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    try this process on my samsung galaxy star 4.1, but not work and problem remains same as previous. so pls help me for solution, or another process through my email id.

  94. Tyrone Walker Jr.   •  

    Thanks bro this worked just how u did it…. I was about 3sec from breaking this damn tablet good shit

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    Worked for me! thanks. i also removed my acc and than added it again when the phone turned back on.

    Htc One X 4.1.1 rooted

  96. Lassie   •  

    I have now tried all the solutions mentioned here, but none of them works for me.

    What is next step? Factory reset?

    • Lassie   •  

      Strange.. tonight i tried to install powerbot browser and it worked! So after that i tried some other random apps but had that error msg on all the others..

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    Just did this on a LG Optimus G.
    The only thing I force closed was Play Store. I did clear the cache as well as the data on Play Store.
    Power cycled the phone, opened and crashed Play Store a few times, then boom. Downloads.

    Well done. Cheers.

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  117. Bob Dankovich   •  

    This didn’t work for my tablet…Android needs to identify what the cause is and fix it. I did nothing but download ebooks from Nook…This seems to be happening a lot. Maybe its their POS Server that’s causing the problem…they need to fix it now!!!

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    Works Great sir. thankyou so much!!

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    I worked on my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 with Jellybean 4.1.2. Thanks

  120. Ashley   •  

    I tried a number of these solutions on an Arnova 10d G3 and ended up using the restore default settings option.

    This worked a treat and games are being downloaded for 8 year old to play as we speak!

  121. Rahul bhatia   •  

    Its not working for my cell xperia j, please help me…

  122. Mike   •  

    Server rrror updating Tunein Radio today.Worked for me by deleting the gmail account, Clearing cache and data did not work.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet running Jellybean


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    RPC:AEC:0 error is known as CPU/RAM/Device/Identity failure.

    Only possible way you can follow to get rid off this error is,

    Go to settings >application > Play Store >Clear Data & Clear Cache.

    Go to accounts >Google >Remove account.

    Reboot device.

    Again Settings>Account >Google >Log In.

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    • Matt Hill   •     Author

      lol it’s amazing just how many people are addicted to candy crush, my mum loved it until it asked her to pay to progress in the game!

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    (i have to say that i did not find your step 4. I saw “Google Backup Transport”, and i did step 5 in “Google Backup Transport”)

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    clear chache & data playstore
    clear chache & data google service framework
    delete & re-add account google.

    still error 500

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  164. Catherine   •  

    its now working…thanks for the help

  165. Kurt   •  

    Worked perfectly…thank you Matt!!

  166. Utkarsh   •  

    Not working for my Nexus 4 (4.3.2) please helpp

  167. glendale   •  

    Thanks! Its working

  168. Hachiwin   •  

    It works for me!!! A million thanks!!! You are the best!!!

  169. Adrian   •  

    Worked first time been looking all day cheers!

  170. Jennifer   •  

    this worked on my brothers tablet cool it aint ben working since we got it… thanks for posting this

  171. Dude thank you for the help! After a week or so of following other peoples directions to no-avail I was finally able to download again. It worked for the cheap Irulu tablet that has caused me so many fits…. you need to be on the Google Developer Team!

    • it worked for 2 downloads before it stopped working again. I’m going thru the run around to down load more. I gave you props on G+ for the work around. Thanks again!

  172. Jesse   •  

    thanks a bunch for the information

  173. pankti   •  

    thank you so much….. it helped me a lot 🙂

  174. ihljkjhk   •  

    worker for me 😉

  175. Debbie   •  

    Thank you. This corrected my problem. Much appreciated! !!!

  176. Charity Tshidihi   •  

    thanx a lot, it worked for me with Bluestark for pc. After following the instruction i was able to download whatsapp for my Laptop

  177. AI8erio Elato   •  

    thank you good guy that solved my problem!! was despare to solve it for two days!! 🙂

  178. Neil   •  

    Hi Matt, wow you are a hot looking guy, and your fix works with a RPC:S-7: AEC-0 error as well. Thought I would have to bin my Xtouch. Thanks heaps. Any idea why my xtouch sometimes cannot find the wifi bullet in my office even though my desktop running Win 8, laptop running win 7 home, my cell running android, and my ipad can? Frustrating, sometimes it works after I re input my ssid and password- other times nada…. Thanks again for the play store fix.

    • Matt Hill   •     Author

      The wireless issue could be a poor wireless chip-set inside the tablet, buggy drivers. Best thing to do would be to see if you can find any custom roms for the tablet, often you will find these fix various bugs with the stock software the manufacturers never address.

  179. utkarsh   •  

    it warks thnks

  180. RUSSELL   •  


  181. Muniandy Velu   •  

    Hi Matt, how to fix whatsapp RPC:S-7:AEC-7 problem in sony ericsson model WT19i?

  182. RAFIQUE   •  

    Worked very well thank you

  183. ehsan   •  

    thank you so much this was the best solution for downloading apps from google play against many useless instruction

  184. michelle schultz   •  

    Does this solution also work on the message for google playstore “Error retrieving info [RPC:S-7:AEC-7[)” on my crappy Kyrocera Event phone?

  185. Abdul Kareem   •  

    This worked perfectly for android tablets, Thanks for posting.

  186. salenagomez   •  

    thank you buddy you are awsome

  187. Anna N   •  

    It’s so nice to read comments. Thank you for helping people!

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