About Matt Hill

Matt Hill

I’m Matt Hill, known at Matt or Matty to most people (as you probably guessed!), this is my random blog on the internet. Its likely this blog will mainly cover computing / technology related subjects, as that’s where I feel that I can produce some worthwhile content to share with others, however we will see! I’m in my mid 20’s and studied Computer and Network Administration with Computing Studies at Uni, graduating with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Degree. I currently work as an IT Administrator for a company based in my home town, this involves doing a bit of everything, which is nice as it keeps things interesting as I never quite know what I will be doing from day to day.

I have a massive interest in all things to do with technology as anyone who knows me will tell you. This all started out when my parents got myself and bother an Amiga 500. Later on our family got a PC and my interest in computers and technology really developed from there, the internet has enabled me to learn about a vast variety of subjects over the years. I guess you could say the intention of my blog is to try give something back to fellow internet users, after all as the saying goes, sharing is caring.

Outside my major interest for all things technology I love my food. I honestly cant cook to save my life, however that is something I intend to change. I also have a big love for theme parks and various other random things I shall keep for another day.

I hope if you have randomly discovered my blog it has been of some use to you!